The Hotel offers private Parking area, indoor garage available while seats last, bar, TV room and free Internet Point.

Villa Zara
Villa Zara, which is 100 mt away from the Hotel, maintains the original XVIII structure.

The Residence, which is neighboring with the Hotel, is composed by eight flats.
They con have all the “Villa dei Carpini” servings.

Location - Enogastronomy
There are 19 products in Veneto that are considered DOP (of protected origin) and IGP (of protected geographical area). It is a region with a rich and diversified alimental assets. The multitude of ambient corresponds to a plurality of typical products, everyone strictly controlled in order to guarantee their supreme quality.

Trevigian Chicory
Produced between the venetian and the trevigian area, the valued vegetable is one of the symbols of Treviso in the world. In winter, it becomes protagonist in the tables, a real delicatenessess that will amaze your taste.
It is considered the “king” of the winter dishes, due to his versatility: it is used from the entrées, to the main course, and even in the cakes.
By now, the red chicory is presented all over world restaurants. It has a crisp, slightly bitterish flower, slowly softened by the winter frosts. It is also an incomparable pleasure to the eyes, with his red leaves that contrast with the bright white in the spines.
Two are the commercialized kinds: the “precoce” (early one) from the first of September, and the “tardiva” (later one) from December to March.

Cimadolmo’s white asparagus
The asparagus is one of the protagonists of the spring cuisine. The quality that grows in Cimadolmo is appreciated for its sweetness. They are mostly served with boiled eggs, as the tradition wants.
Cimadolmo is a little town in the Trevigian area. It is the home country of the white asparagus, a fine bud that enriches the spring’s tables. It is the season when nature, waking from the winter, become a swirl of colors and flavors.
It is a white alabaster vegetable, appreciated by everyone taste. It can be served as only ingredient for exquisite courses.
This delicacy requires an hard work, hand made by the trevigian farmers. The buds need to be culled soon, almost at sunrise, because the sun ruins the whiteness of the asparagus, sign of the high quality of the product.
In 2001 the White of Cimadolmo gained the IGP mark. Every year, between April and May, there is an exhibition to promote the characteristics of the asparagus and to compare the different productions.

The vocation for the production of wine in the Trevigian Area brags one of the ancients journey in Italy. The old “Strada del Vino Bianco “ (road of the White Wine) now has become the “Strada del Prosecco e Vini dei Colli di Conegliano e Valdobbiadene” ( road of the Prosecco and the Wines of the hills in Conegliano e Valdobbiadene) and holds suggestive scenery at every corner.
Beautiful towns, rich of monuments and roman and medieval signs, old house from the Serenissima Republic crowd the ride. In this scenery also articulate the “Strada dei Vini del Piave” (road of the Piave’s Wines), in the south east of the Marca Trevigiana, lost in a countryside made of flourishing vineyard.

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